Indian Share Brokers Review’s Objective is to provide unbiased comparison platform to compare the brokerage charges, Trading platforms of different brokers so that one can take better and informed decisions when it come to online stock market trading in NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX.

Discount Brokers Review

Discount BrokersCompanyBrokerageAccount OpeningDepositoryPlatformChartsOpen Account
TradeJini Logo TRADEJINIRs 20 per order or .01% whichever is lower300Own DpNEST, NOWNEST PLUS Open Account
logo_new TRADE SMART ONLINERs. 15 per order200Own DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account
sasonline-logo-1 SAS ONLINERs 9 per trade or 0.07% per trade400Third Party DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account
rksv-logo RKSVFive trade free every month. Rs 20 per trade after that350Third Party DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account
RK GLOBALRs. 9 per lot200Own DpODINNO Open Account
rksv-logo ZERODHARs 20 or .01% whichever is lower300Third Party DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account
logo_new TRADEPLUS ONLINERs 10 per lot499Own DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account
Compsit COMPOSITE EDGERs 18 per order or 0.006% whichever is lower499Own DpNESTNEST PLUS Open Account

Full Service Brokers Review

Full Service Brokers CompanyAccount Opening ChargesAMC ChargesDelivery BrokerageIntraday BrokerageOpen Account
hdfcHDFC SECURITIESRs 999Rs. 550Higher of 25 or .5%Higher of 25 or .05% Open Account
icicidirect-logoICICI DIRECTRs 975Rs 450 .55%.05% Open Account
geojitGEOJIT BNP PARIBASRs 800Rs 400.30%.03% Open Account
AxisSecurities_logoAXIS SECURITIESRs 999Rs 400.5%.05% Open Account
MO_logoMOTILAL OSWALRs 550Rs 900.5% - .9%25% to .4% Open Account
IndiainfolineINDIA INFOLINERs 750Rs 450.50%.05% Open Account
reliance-moneyRELIANCE MONEYRs 950Rs 210.30%.035% Open Account
reliance-moneyINDIABULLS SECURITIESRs 1350Rs 450.30%.05% Open Account
Angel_LogoANGEL BROKINGRs 350Rs 300.50%.06% Open Account
1280px-KPWlogoKARVY BROKINGRs 420Rs 420/year.30%.03% Open Account
Anandrathi LogoANAND RATHIRs 550Rs 300/year.30%.03% Open Account
ventura_logoVENTURA SECURITIESRs 1000Rs 40045%.05% Open Account
Religare LogoRELIGARERs 499Rs 300 .3%.3% Open Account
DBFS LogoDOHA BROKERAGENIL4000.07%0.02% Open Account

In order to become a successful trader one of the most important component is selecting a broker who suits you purpose. A proper is the one who will help you achieve your financial goals, so if you are not selecting your stock broker properly , it will eventually become very difficult to achieve those financial goals. So it is very critical to pick a proper online stock broker with proper comparison, review and research. normally any trader will incur transaction charges when they are trading in the stock market, its called the brokerage charges. The brokerage charges that you pay to your stock broker will play a vital role in your success as a online trader.The charges that you pay will normally go from your profits or they will add on to your losses. So keeping your transaction cost low it the most important thing that you should be focusing into. Once you get associated with a broker then its very difficult to change the broker because the closing formality and all  is too cumbersome. So the best thing to do is to collect all the possible data from the stock brokers websites or use our website for a legitimate non biased comparison. Why i am stressing so much on comparison because once you compare the online stock brokers and their trading platforms you will come to know how to select one which is best and cheapest for you.

Types of Brokers In India

Full-Service Brokers In India

The full-service category includes traditional stock brokers like ICICI Direct, Sharekhan, Kotak, Indiabulls, Anandrathi, Motilaloswal, India Infoline, Religare and others. They provide a variety of services, such as personal advice, retirement planning, stock advices, insurance and tax tips. Full-service brokers offer a wider selection of investment products such as derivatives, mutual funds and insurance, as well as access to the company’s research. All this comes with a hefty price tag. Full-service brokerages are expensive, with commissions around .01% to .07%. Furthermore, full-service brokers make money based on how much you trade, not the performance of your portfolio. This can lead to your full-service broker advising you to trade when you don’t need to or giving you a stock tip just to increase your trading volume. When this becomes excessive, it is called churning and most of the clients with the full service  brokers complains of over churning of their portfolio or trading account .Which is not at all healthy for the clients .

Discount Brokers in India

Discount brokerages charge a reduced commission or a fixed commission per trade and do not provide investment advice, they have one or very few branches. The best-known discount brokers in India are are Tradejini, Zerodha,and RKSV there are also few smaller players in market as well, but based on the turnover these three are the largest.  Fees are kept low because discount brokers offer fewer products, fewer employees, no advisory team. The business model is built on having an effective system and high quality technologically driven . service in order to put through the most  of the trading volume.  Lately they are becoming very popular in India as more and more people have access to broadband and many people try to invest using there own knowledge.

Discount brokers offer very basic stock broking accounts. Their objectives is to provide the best trading experience in the least possible cost. The way they do business is similar to the low cost aircraft carriers like Indigo, Spice jet, they just provide the basic traveling in the least possible cost without compromising on safety. So they money that you invest with them is absolutely safe because broking the most regulated in India, So don’t worry on the safety of the funds. Discount broking is very decent trend that started just 5 years back in the year 2010.

In the below listed table you will find the comparison of all the major online stock brokers in India on the basis of their account opening charges, brokerage charges, intraday trading charges, delivery trading charges and annual maintenance charges. To provide you with an unbiased comparison we tabulated and compared full service brokers and discount brokers in two different tables.

Traders visiting this website are requested to compare the online stockbrokers listed in the table with due diligence so that then can chose what is best for them in order to same on transaction charges and brokerage charges. Traders who are looking for a new can use the below listed table ,if they are still unable to zero down to a online stock broker of their choice then they can leave their contact details  so that we can suggest them and help them in their decision making process.

One of the primary requirements for investing in stocks is having a Demat account. Many people think that there is no difference between one broker and the other. This is not true.

Finding the right broker is not easy. The best approach is to make a list of facilities you want from your broker. Here are some pointers that you must consider.


Consider the commissions and other fees that broking companies charge. But don’t over-emphasis the point. Also, understand the facilities offered. All brokerage houses have at least two plans. One is usually for intra-day traders and the other is more suitable for long-term investors.

Minimum Trades:

Check if there is a clause or sub clause about minimum trades that you will have to do as well as the penalty for not complying with the requirement. 3-in-1 accounts come with a savings account. In such a scenario, some banks have rules about minimum balance.

Mutual funds and other investment options:

If you’d like to buy and sell mutual funds through your brokerage account, look into the funds that the brokerage has tied up with and the services it offers. If you want to invest in options, exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, or fixed deposits, ask whether the brokerage offers these products. The costs of these services must also be looked into. For example, discount brokers do not offer such facilities, but full-service brokers do. Some full-service brokers may not offer products of all asset management companies or AMCs.

Research Reports:

Most full-service brokerages also offer research services. This allows investors to read analysts’ reports on companies or sectors of interest or access data on companies. See if you need these services, as these may help you take better decisions on buying and selling stocks and mutual funds.