Discount Brokers in India

Discount Brokers in India!

They normally charge a reduced commission or a fixed commission per trade and do not provide investment advice, they have one or very few branches. The best-known discount brokers in India are are Tradejini, Zerodha and RKSV there are also few smaller discount brokers  in market as well, but based on the turnover these three discount brokers  are the largest.  Fees are kept low because discount brokers offer fewer products, fewer employees, no advisory team.. This business model is built on having an effective system which is of high quality technologically driven  Service in order to put through the most of the trading volume.  Lately they are becoming very popular in India as more and more people have access to broadband and many people try to invest using their own knowledge.So we can say for sure that the concept of discount brokers is here to stay.

Discount Broking is not very old in India it all started in 2010.But the trading community has accepted the discount brokers they now contribute almost 50% of the total market volume.based of the way they charge their clients discount brokers can be classified into two major categories.

  1. Discount Brokers Charging Fixed Price per Trade :
    These are the discount brokers charging a ‘fixed price brokerage per trade’ irrespective to the size of trade placed by the client.Normally the charges goes to as low as RS 20 per trade/per order in which ever way you may say it.
  2. Discount Brokers charging Fixed Monthly Fees for unlimited Trades: 
    These are the Discount brokers who charges a  ‘fixed monthly fees’ and offers unlimited trading in selected segments and exchanges to their clients.starting of the month you a fixed amount to your discount broker and you will not be charged anything for whatever the amount of trades you place irrespective of trading volume.

The are many discount Brokers in India now but the major once are

1) Zerodha
3) TradeJini