How to view trade book in Zerodha Nest Trader Terminal?

After executing the trade we need a mechanism by which we can view our executed trades in Zerodha Nest Trader Terminal. So Zerodha Nest Trader Terminal has this option called Trade Book. The Trade Book window displays the executed orders for all the scrips. This window can be invoked by just pressing the F8 key from the market watch Zerodha Nest Trader Terminal. It will display the trade details as shown in the below figure. It also displays the summary of the trades done for that scrip at the bottom-end of the window. The summary displays the Total Buy Quantity, Total Buy Value, Total Sell Value, Sell Quantity and the Net Amount. Pressing F8 twice will display all the trades across all the scrips (All Segments All Exchanges).This is window from where a user can send a Trade Modification request to the exchange. The user must select the trade, click on Modify and enter the new client id to which the trade is to be modified. User has a facility to modify a single trade (Single Trade Modification) or user can also perform multiple trade modification.


Like Order Book, one can also filter information from the Trade book by invoking short-cut key Ctrl +F .

How to view trade book in Zerodha Nest Trader Terminal

The following information is displayed in the Trade Book window:

Modified By User Displays the User Id who modified the Trade
Account Name Displays the Account Name for whom the Trade is placed
Order Placed By Displays from where the order is placed
Quantity In Lots Displays the Quantity in Each Lot
Modification Remarks Display the remarks if there is error while modifying trade from old
account id to new account id
Quantity to Fill Will display the quantity which is yet to be traded when there is a
partial trade
Branch Id Displays the Branch Id of Client
Broker Id Displays the Broker Id
Option Type Display the Option Type. Not Applicable for Cash Segment
Product Type Display the product type for Example NRML,MIS (Margin Intraday
Order Type Display the Order type (e.g. Limit, Market, Stop loss)
Remarks Displays the Remarks Mentioned by the User while placing the
Pro/Cli Display whether the Trade is for Client Or Proprietary
Trade ID Displays the Trade Id for each Trade
Trade Time Display the Trade Time
Trade Date Display the Trade Date
Trade Status Displays Whether the trade is Confirmed or not
Expiry Date Display the Expiry date. Not Applicable for Cash Segment
Strike Price Display the Strike Price. Not Applicable for Cash Segment
Instrument Name Display Series of the Symbol
Symbol Displays the Symbol
Request Id Display the number of Trader being modified by the user
Nest Order No Displays the Internal Order Number
Display To Display the Trade in Trade Book
Position Conversion To Modify the Product type for Individual Client
Modify To modify the Trade from one Client to another
Exhg-Seg Displays the Exchange-Segment for which order is placed
User Id Displays the User Id who has placed the order
Account Id Displays the Account Id for which order is placed
Participant Code Displays the Participant Code of the client
Buy/Sell Displays whether the trade is as Buy or Sell
Trading Symbol Displays the Trading symbol for which order is placed
Exchange Order No Displays the Exchange order Number of the Trade
Trade Price Displays the Trade Price
Trade Quantity Displays the Quantity Traded
Order Source Displays the source of the order placed as TWS, Web etc.
Exchange Account Id Displays the Unique Exchange Account Id of Every Client
Quantity Units Displays the Quantity in Each Lot

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